How COVID-19 has affected the heart of the property industry [Property Viewings]

CubicLease a Property Self-viewing App, Represents New Generation Technology

No matter what the reason, it is likely that people will still be making moves, even as COVID-19 continues to affect commerce in unexpected ways. The property industry in the UK, after a rousing uptick in activity and confidence at the beginning of 2020, has been especially hard hit by stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements.

Recovery seems limited, as least for the next few months, creating hardship not only for property owners and lessors but also for those who must move. It's not always possible to postpone a change in living arrangements. Some who had rented new apartments before mandated lockdowns are paying rent to preserve a hold on a property that they cannot yet occupy.

Others in the UK are having to make do with quarters unsuited to new circumstances.

For some, it's the birth of a baby, a change of employment requiring relocation, perhaps even sickness or death that necessitates downsizing. The prospect is grim for apartment and commercial owners as well, as changes in living situations and work-at-home trends continue to permeate the economy.

Technology has made inroads into the property industry. There is no question that the proliferation of smartphones and social media has changed the way the public searches for real estate, choose preferred communities, and establishes preliminary contact with landlords and property agents. Digital marketing and personal use of advanced technology, according to a recent survey, was already due to increase, but the onset of COVID-19 restrictions catalysed even more reliance on forward-thinking technology and new digital applications.

New technology in the property industry offers an innovative response to current needs.

Major players, with the ability to offer video home viewings, virtual walk-throughs, and downloadable apps are ahead of the curve, so to speak. Still, most prospects want to step foot in the physical space before making an offer to buy or rent. The question is how to do that safely in a time when face-to-face meetings are discouraged and enhanced sanitary procedures are required?

CubicLease has pioneered a solution that caters to the needs of both property owners and letting agents as well as prospective buyers and tenants. Self-viewings of properties by prequalified and vetted prospects offer a new perspective on the problem. That's exactly what the CubicLease app allows.

During an actual viewing, prospects have the option to communicate with agents or owners in real-time.

With a safe, secure, monitored, and thoroughly transparent process, this innovative technology takes property viewing beyond the virtual and into the realm of the physical. With the potential to revolutionise the traditional pattern of property visits, self-viewings of uninhabited properties can be tailored to a prospect's own time and whims, with no need for extensive advance scheduling.

The end-to-end process utilises a mobile application that provides for verification of prospects, booking one or more property viewings, safe and secure key pickup and return, even tendering an offer and the payment of a holding fee. The CubicLease proptech viewing platform has integrated technology with property viewings requirements and introduced vast new possibilities for seamless convenience and ultimate satisfaction.

Easy to use and affordable, this new app could help revitalise the residential property industry.

During an actual viewing, prospects have the option to communicate with agents or owners in real-time. Enhanced safety protocols ensure security for both parties to every transaction.

Easy to use and affordable, this new app could help revitalise a property industry market that has been visited in devastating ways by the effects of the worldwide pandemic. Even though advertising by agents and landlords has begun to rebound in recent weeks, there is still a shortage of people willing to actually view available properties. No doubt latent demand will become evident once life begins to return to pre-COVID-19 normality, and that is when the real value of this self-viewing app should become increasingly evident.