You Can Trust Us To Present The Best.

Your prospects can meet you at the property or pick up your keys from our secure storage location within half a mile of your property.

How it works?

Create a shareable viewing link for your property

Sign up

Your property should be unoccupied for viewings.

Sign up and add as many properties as you want.

Send a set of keys

Send us a set of keys for free (or ask your existing tenant to do so when they vacate)​.

We receive your keys next day and get to work.

Keyholder Locations

The keys are stored in a secure storage location within 0.5 miles of your property​.

They can only be accessed by a fully verified viewer and you are notified from booking to viewing.

Instant Viewings

Viewers can view your property between 7 am & 9 pm.

Each viewer goes through iTransact Screening (ID & Affordability) before each viewing.

Using Location Tracking and Smart Monitoring, we keep an eye on your keys 24/7.

Chat With Viewers

Viewers can message you directly from the app if they have any questions​.

Each viewer goes through iTransact Screening (ID & Affordability) before their viewing.

Viewers Are Screened Before Getting Access

If they can't afford to rent or buy, or they don't pass the ID check, they won't be allowed to pick up keys or view your property. 

CubicLease Guarantee

CubicLease Guarantee provides protection for up to £1,000,000 for damages to covered property in the rare event something goes wrong.


Success Based Fee

Fixed fee

Nothing paid upfront

One month free listing included*

Fee taken from holding deposit on offer

£99 including VAT

*£20 monthly charge if property listed for longer than one month.

Platform features

Arrange viewings from the comfort of your desk

Instant Viewings

Prospects can book to view properties based on available slots from 7 am to 9 pm everyday of the week.

IM & Video Call

Communicate directly with interested prospects before, during or after the viewing directly from your dashboard.

iTransact Screening

Save time with iTransact Screening by leaving us to qualify each prospect for the property they wish to view.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of the number of viewings each property has and the demographics of prospects.


Connect your listings for seamless prospect invitation and property marketing for organic prospects.


Once it is all said and done, your prospect can pick up the keys on the day they move in. You set the date this is and we do the rest.

Add a property at no upfront cost
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