No More Time


Get your properties off the market quicker.

We have simplified renter and buyer checks by automating the assessment of ID and financial information.

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Proof of Funds

Speed up the process of handling offers from your buyers.

Powered by Open-Banking.

AML Checks

Complying with industry regulations easily and automatically. Powered by TransUnion.

Affordability Checks

Ensure your rent is secure by using our affordability verification. Powered by Open-Banking.

Identity Checks

Our biometric face match and ID check allows you to be certain of your tenants' and buyers' identity.

Full Reference Report

Each tenant report includes their affordability, credit assessment and badge. 

Get your clients qualified quicker, so you can focus on getting more business!

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Get the good guys through


CubicLease ensures only genuine buyers and renters can get through our identity checks. 

             Fast and Secure Onboarding

             Our ID checks uses biometric face match - a hybrid                    approach using liveness detection and document check              to verify their identity.

             Automatic AML Checks

             Compliance thoroughly conducted automatically                         and done in a few seconds. 

No more pay slips & bank statements

CubicLease ensures your buyers and tenants can afford

the property in question. 

             Open Banking Technology

             Using transactional data, we are able to verify your                  prospective buyer's and tenant's financing, so you can              mitigate risks.

             Fast and Seamless Process

             With access to many banks across the UK, the                           process can be done within minutes.


How it Works

DETAILS ABOUT US NOTIFICATIONS PROFILE 88 THAMES STREET, SE16 7FB EDIT +44 07746234123 EDIT EDIT PROFILE Your profile completion status 100% JOHN HARRY SMITH £50,000/Y - £52,500/Y EDIT


Link Sent

Client receives an email or text with a link to download the CubicLease app, unique to the property.


Basic Information

They start their profile by entering their email address, residential address and contact number.


Affordability Check by Open Banking

The CubicLease app securely connects to the prospect's bank to complete financing checks.


Identity Verification and AML checks

The CubicLease app guides the prospect to take a photo of their ID along with a selfie, verifying its authenticity.


All done

Get notified once the check is completed. View the results on our dashboard and on a downloadable PDF.

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Ready for a quick, easy and secure process?